We are OPEN again!


Toy Libraries are great for everyone in the community.
Here is why we think so:

  • IT IS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - By regularly borrowing toys rather than buying you are helping the environment by recycling toys that may otherwise end up in landfill.

    • YOU WILL SAVE MONEY - a lot of it! According to research by NPD, by a baby's second birthday families spend on average £367 per year per child. A toy library membership is around £5 per month.
    • SPACE SAVING - Toys take up a lot of space in our homes and children tend to have a lot of of them. By borrowing rather than buying you can simply give them back when your child has finished playing / grown out of their toys. You can even borrow large toys such as jumperoos and walkers.

          • ENCOURAGING PLAY - All children should play more, play is an integral part of any child's development - the best toys engage a child's senses, spark their imagination and encourage them to interact with other.