Policy, Terms and Conditions

Ealing Toy Library

Policy, Terms and Conditions




A.         Information


1.         Ealing Toy Library (ETL) is a social enterprise limited resources.  ETL does not rely on or benefit from council or any other source of third-party funding.  ETL depends on its members’ fees to operate.

2.         Any person over the age of 18 in the United Kingdom may become a member  (if you’re on holiday and would like to become a member, we still need a UK address, phone number and email to get hold of you) of ETL if they agree to abide by ETL’s policies, terms and conditions, as set out in this document and what further policies are available on ETL’s website (ealingtoylibrary.com).

3.         Up to date information on ETL membership fees and membership packages is available on ETL website.

4.         ETL reserves the right to amend and update its Policies, Terms and Conditions at any time.

5.         All items listed for lending remain the property of ETL and must not be sold or rehired.


B. Joining  Ealing Toy Library

6.         In order to join ETL, you will need to;

a.         complete your membership details online via ealingtoylibrary.com and

make payment for your chosen level of membership. 

7.         Payment for membership is ordinarily expected to be fulfilled either through debit/credit card online via our secure payment system provided by Stripe or by cash payments paid in full when toys are collected

8.         ETL will consider alternative methods of payment in extenuating circumstances and on a case by case basis, based on requests received to ealingtoylibrary@gmail.com.  ETL reserves the right to accept payment of membership via alternative methods in its absolute discretion. 

9.         Members must notify ETL of any change of name, address or other contact details as soon as possible.


B.         Membership


10.       As a condition of membership, members commit to being able to collect and return toys to ETL on the designated collection/ return day(s) at the designated time(s), which will be specified and updated by ETL on its website from time to time. 

11.       Subject to availability, ETL 6 month membership, permits the member to borrow 4 toys per month for 4 consecutive weeks per toy

Subject to availability, ETL annual membership permits the member to borrow an unlimited number of toys per month, for a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks per toy.



C.         Borrowing


13.       Members must reserve toys for collection online.

14.       Members must check in toys for return online. 

15.       Unless it has been reserved by another member, a member may extend the loan for a further 2 weeks, by logging in and ‘change the return date’ under the loans section of their account

16.       Borrowed items must be returned to ETL on the designated collection/return day(s) within the designated time(s) (or the earliest prior opening date if the return date falls on a public holiday).

17.       If items are not returned on the designated collection/return day(s) within the designated time(s), ETL reserves the right to levy a charge of £1 per day, per toy.  For the avoidance of doubt this charge will include the days on which ETL is not open.


D.        Condition of items, loss and damage


18.       ETL make all reasonable efforts to list toys on its online catalogue faithfully, detailing the condition that they are in and what existing wear and tear they are subject to.

19.       ETL check items on their return for damage and clean the toys. 

20.       Batteries: where included, ETL make sure the batteries are working but cannot guarantee they will last the 1 month loan period. Members are not expected to replace batteries

21.       Members should check any borrowed items on collection and make ETL aware of wear and tear or faults that are significant and fall outside the description of the item on ETL’s online catalogue. If your child suffers from an allergy, ETL cannot be responsible for cross contamination of an allergen present on the toy and it is the borrower’s responsibility to do what extra cleaning is required.

22.       Subject to ordinary wear and tear (judged entirely at ETL’s discretion), items must be returned in the same condition as they were borrowed, clean and in a good state of repair. Toys and equipment are checked and cleaned on returned from hire. 

23.       ETY are aware that children’s toys occasionally get damaged. Members must report any loss or damage of a borrowed item to ETY straight away and as soon as the member becomes aware of the loss or damage, to ealingtoylibrary@gmail.com.  Members should provide photos of the damage where possible.

24.       Members are responsible for any loss or damage to borrowed items during the period of borrowing.  Members may be liable to pay the replacement cost (as specified by ETL) of the item or for the repair where possible.

25.       ETY’s decision on replacement or repair is in ETY’s absolute discretion.


E.         Suspension of borrowing rights / termination of membership


26.       If the member has:

·            outstanding charges, or

·            items that are overdue for return, or

·            failed to reimburse ETL for a lost or damaged item


the member’s borrowing rights may be suspended or their membership may be terminated. 


27.       ETL reserves the right to suspend, terminate or re-admit members at its absolute discretion.


F.         Responsibility for safety


28.       The member borrowing an item is responsible for ensuring that:

  only children of an appropriate age play with the toy (as listed per toy on ETL);

29.       ETL is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage caused by or arising from any use or misuse of any toys borrowed from ETL 

30.       Members are referred to section [D] Condition of items, loss and damage above and are reminded that they must inform ETL if they have any reason to believe that any of ETL’s items are, or may soon become, unsafe in any way.


G.        Data Protection


31.       The information provided by members (past, present or prospective) to ETYLwill be processed in accordance with data protection principles as set out in the Data Protection Act 2018.

32.       In summary, data will be processed only for the purposes of ensuring that ETL has records of its members required for the safe and efficient running of ETL Members’ personal information provided to ETL will not be used for any other purpose unless legally required. Aggregated statistical data which cannot be traced back to members may be used for analysis and reporting.




Version 4.21 Dated [January 2020]