About Ealing Toy Library

The Ealing Toy Library was originally  set up by two local mums who lived in Ealing.

In May 2021 Kat and the team relaunched the Toy Library from their  in Acton. Kat has two little girls aged 1 and 2 and has a passion for all things eco and a love for working in the local community. 

Soon we hope to extend the toy library further with a drop in toddler session for you to come along, have a chat, meet new friends and play with some wonderful toys. Keep and eye on this space to see when that progresses!

We want to make toys accessible for everyone in our local community to enable children to grow learn and develop a love for looking after our world. 

Toy Libraries are great for everyone in the community.
Here is why we think so:

  • IT IS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - By regularly borrowing toys rather than buying you are helping the environment by recycling toys that may otherwise end up in landfill.

    • YOU WILL SAVE MONEY - a lot of it! According to research by NPD, by a baby's second birthday families spend on average £367 per year per child. A toy library membership is around £3 per month.
    • SPACE SAVING - Toys take up a lot of space in our homes and children tend to have a lot of of them. By borrowing rather than buying you can simply give them back when your child has finished playing / grown out of their toys. You can even borrow large toys such as jumperoos and walkers.

          • ENCOURAGING PLAY - All children should play more, play is an integral part of any child's development - the best toys engage a child's senses, spark their imagination and encourage them to interact with other.