Please check here for opening dates over the coming weeks: 

Please note Ealing Toy Library is moving to a monthly model from next week so please note the following:

We are open as normal 

12th January / 13th January

16th February/17th February

9th March/10th March

Please note we are NOT open on the Thursday 13th April but am for pick up Friday 4:30 onwards

Toys must be reserved by 6pm on the Wednesday before Thursday/Friday pick up

Thursday Address - Acton Baptist church 14 Church Road W3

Friday Address - 32 Arlington Road , Ealing W13 8PE

Also please note that Katherine Thomas who ran toy library has now moved to Wales and so there is only myself running the library and I work full time This is all completely voluntary. If someone would love to help me run the library that would be great please do reach out.

If you have not heard back from us please check your 'spam or junk' folder thank you!

Choose your toys, reserve and book a collection slot:

Thursday @ Acton Baptist  Church between 8:30am - 11.30am 

or Friday @ West Ealing between 4pm and 6pm